About us

The company

We are a small travel agency with a lot of travelling experience: we travelled the world. We love to travel and would like to share this with all of you. We grew up in Surinam and we often go back to visit relatives and go on holiday. This means we know the country well and we have excellent local contacts, but we are also aware of Dutch travellers’ needs. Every year, we travel for at least a month, with or without our young children. A part from our team we have a Surinamese team who helps us in the country itself. This team in Suriname handles all the operational things on the spot, the rest is all taken care of by our team.

Trips where we were partly free, but have made some arrangements have turned out to be our favourite kind of holiday. So if you book with us, you will not be stuck with someone else’s itinerary. On the contrary: you can determine your trip yourself and use our expertise to your advantage. We hope you will enjoy beautiful Suriname as much as we have been doing every time again.