Block 10: Coeswijne canoetrip.

Your adventure will start in Paramaribo. With a jeep we will go to the starting point: the Boven Coesewijne River. The jeep trip will take about 2,5 hours passing the airport Zanderij and the nice savanna area straight through Coesewijne. We will canoe along the small Boven Coesewijne river. If the water is low we'll have to get out of our canoes several times to pass obstacles of fallen trees. During our dinner we’ll enjoy the sounds of the jungle. There will be nobody else, just us and the jungle. 

The next day we will canoe on the Coesewijne River and pass Pakoeli, this is the place where STINASU used to have its guesthouses. We will stop frequently to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Coesewijne Nature Reserve. We will probably see a lot of special birds like the osprey, weaver birds, and various parrots. We will find a place along the river where we can prepare and eat our lunch. After that we’ll start our last part of the tour and canoe back to Pakoeli where the jeep is waiting for us. At the end of the day we will return in our “wooden city” Paramaribo.

Inclusive: guide, overnight stay in tent or hammock, meals, transport, canoes and equipment, camping equipment.