Block 2 : Paramaribo by bike.

Paramaribo: cycling is the best sightseeing.

During your stay, it is useful to get to know Paramaribo as soon as you can. Cycling is the best way to do this! Cycling in Suriname is easily manageable. This block gets you two nights in a guesthouse or B&B and a cycling tour in and around Paramaribo. You can add an airport pick-up to this.

The City-biketour lasts 3 hours and runs for about 15 kms. You will pass historical sites in and around Paramaribo city centre, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. We will view monuments (buildings and statues), places of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques and temples) and the old lay-out of the city. During the tour we will have a break to enjoy food, drinks and tropical weather in Suriname!

Apart from cycling in Paramaribo, going exploring out of town is fun, too. Especially the Para, Wanica, Saramacca and COmmewijne districts are perfectly suited to discovery by bike. We also offer good cycling tours with good places to stay the night.