Block 5: Bergendal

You will not easily forget this trip of 2 or 3 nights (or more) on this luxurious resort ! 

Located amidst breathtaking tropical rainforest on the banks of the Suriname River, at approximately 85 km from Suriname’s capital city of Paramaribo, lies the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort. Accessible by road and river within one and a half hour. It is set within a total area of 2400 hectare, the new Resort with its adjacent BERGENDAL Heritage Village and Adventure Centre, encompass a spectacular nature rich playground offering visitors numerous educational and adventure packed activities.

With the long involved history of the previous Berg en Dal plantation, its wealth of intriguing stories, legends and myths, the close proximity to the Brownsberg Nature Park and many other key tourist attractions in the area, the Resort is destined to become the exotic new alternative destination and the best quality eco-cultural resort in the region.

Comfortable accommodation, first rate amenities and our exquisite restaurant, tastefully blend in with the natural surroundings of the tropical rainforest and amazing river view, providing guests with ample opportunity to relax and connect with the essence of nature. As a resort focused on eco-cultural activities, we take our responsibility with regards to conservation and sustainable development of the valuable ecological resources and exotic biodiversity in and around our resort, very seriously. Local communities with their unique cultural heritage, proud traditions and intriguing folk legends, are actively involved in every aspect of our resort and contribute greatly to the charm and hospitality of BERGENDAL.

Guests at the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort will be delighted by the unique blend of adventure, nature, culture, history, education and entertainment which make this resort a one of a kind, unforgettable vacation destination. So whether it’s adventure you’re looking for in your next eco tourism experience, or simply peace and tranquillity in a comfortable nature rich destination, the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort is the perfect choice for a unique Amazonian Caribbean experience.