Block 6 : Brownsberg - howler monkeys and waterfalls

Could anything be better than being awoken by the sounds of the jungle during your stay?

Information on Bownsberg :

The Brownsberg Nature Reserve is about 130 kilometres south of Paramaribo, located on a 500 metre high bauxite plateau, surrounded by yellow and red clay soil hillsides and lower areas, bordering on a reservoir in the east. The northern half of this plateau has been protected and managed by STINASU since 1970. Since then, the Bronwsberg Nature Reserve has been the most popular eco-tourism destination in Suriname and now has a reputation in Suriname and abroad.

The park is excellently suited to tourism due to its accessibility and leisure options. The accommodations are surrounded by the tropical rainforest and are located ont eh Mazaroni plateau. From here, you get a wonderful view of the Brokopondo reservoir. There are several walks leading to the waterfalls: Ireneval, Mazaronival, Koemboeval, and there’s also a route to Witikreek. A few hundred metres from the main quarters there is a lovely picknick spot near Mazaroni top, the highest point of the plateau.


In the morning, you will leave for Brownsberg by coach. After a 2,5 hour drive, the bus will stop at the Mazaroni plateau. This is where the Amazon and its unspoilt jungle starts. You can walk to the amazing Leo or Irene waterfalls. After some challenging descents and climbs you can enjoy a lovely refreshing massage in the waterfall. When you get back on the plateau, lunch will be ready. Then there will be time to enjoy jungle sounds and the spectacular view of the reservoir. IN the afternoon we return to Paramaribo.

Included in this tour: transport by coach, lunch , snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and a guide who speaks both Dutch and English. This trip requires travellers to be in good shape in order for them to participate easlily in the challenging walk to the waterfalls on Brownsberg.

Another option is to spend the night there, in simple cabins. Food and drink will be provided on site, but you will have to bring your sleeping kit yourself. You will spend the night in basic accommodation. Sleeping in the jungle is a special experience, especially at Brownsberg. You will be woken up by howler monkeys, whose sound carries far into the jungle. It is a sound you won’t forget in a hurry.

The next day you could walk to one of the other waterfalls, with or without a guide. 

Included in the tour :
transportation by bus, lunch, snacks and fruit, drinks (non-alcoholic), tour guide (Dutch/English speaking). We consider special diets if you indicate this at your booking.