Blok 8 Awarradam: visit the Marrons, deep in the jungle

If you want to experience what is at the heart of Suriname, then take a jungle tour! Awarradam Jungle Lodge & Spa was built by local villagers. This small idyllic island, hidden in the Amazon, at the foot of the Awarradam rapids, is half an hour’s boat trip away from the last inhabited Saramaccaner village. This village is the largest Marron community in Suriname. Marrons are descendants of slaves who fled plantations and succeeded in settling in communities in the Amazon.

These historic facts make Awarradam the ideal place to visit during your stay, not just for nature lovers, but also for those who are interested in West African culture, and how this has survived in Suriname. The night cruise, an unforgettable experience under the stars, takes you to the nearby village of Kosindo, for an authentic cultural evening with singing and dancing. We recommend this trip to anyone who wants to enjoy the unspoilt rainforest and who want to learn more about Saramaccaner culture.

Included in the trip:

Transport by plane, meals, juice (served during meals), accommodation, activities, guide who speaks both Dutch and English.

Duration: 4 to 5 days

Departure: Mondays and Fridays