Build your own trip : The blocks here below are short trips in Suriname, which you can reserve separately, but it' s also possible to combine some short trips.

Please click on the block + nr. below and you will find a description with more details and a program.

block 1 Airport pickup, 2 days in a hotel in the centre of Paramaribo  

The airport "Zanderij" is not next to Paramaribo.It will take you for about a one hour drive before you reach the heart in Paramaribo. After a long trip it's nice to have someone waiting for you at the airport, taking you there where you need to be so you can rest in one of the finest hotels in Suriname (or a guesthouse if you wish) so you can get used to the temperature, and recover from your jet leg .

Block 2 Discover Paramaribo by bike

2 nights in a b&b, includes a guided tour to discover Paramaribo by bike. (you can add an airport pick-up)

Paramaribo is a great city to be discovered on a bicycle. Some years ago you would only see some Dutch intern nurses using a bike to get around town, but today using a bike is very commo

Block 3 Colakreek : swim in brown "cola" water and discover the history of the Jews

2 nights in a independent house or lodge + trip round the "jodensavanne" 

Colakreek is a recreational park situated in the district of Paramaribo, in the middle of a forest surrounding with white savannebeaches. This natural swimming pool is try popular with the Surinamese themselves and there are a lot of guests during the holidays and weekends.

Block 4 : Paramaribo and Commewijne with plantation tour

2 nights in a guesthouse, includes a tour around Paramaribo as well as some former plantations

With this block you will stay for 2 nights in a guesthouse in Paramaribo. This block includes  a tour around Paramaribo and Commewijne with Fort New Amsterdam and you' ll visit different former plantation sites.

Block 5 Bergendal : Revitalise in a luxurious way and visit the Marrons

2 nights in a luxurious ecoresort, all inclusive, with a Canopy Zipline over the river and a tour through a real Marron-village.

At Bergendal you can fully enjoy the calm and nature with the facilities and accommodation you will find no where else in Suriname. Warm water, internet, airco, luxurious furniture and a sublime kitchen classify Bergendal as a high class jungle resort. On the other hand you will find lots of activities like the CanopyZipline which takes you flying over the river.

Block 6 Brownsberg : monkeys and waterfalls

One or two-day trip, a visit to the beautiful waterfalls included

You will leave from Paramaribo to visit one of the best views over the Amazon jungle. From the high plateau you will descend into the forest where you can take a refreshing dive into the waterfalls.

Block 7 : Birdwatching in Nickerie

2 nights in a hotel, includes a birdwatching tour.

You will spend two nights in a hotel or in a b&b in the second to largest city of Suriname : Niuew Nickerie. This tour includes a tour by boat in Bigi Pan : bird watching paradise …..

Block 8 : Awaradam: stay with the Marrons deep into the jungle

4 or 5 days in a lodge along the river, deep into the jungle. Transportation by small plane, all meals include

When you visit Suriname we advise you strongly to spend some time in the jungle. Then you get to the heart of the country ! Awaradam is the perfect spot to visit, not only for nature lovers bit also for people who want to find out about the West-African culture, the way it is conserved in Suriname. This will be an unforgettable experience. You will be taken on a  boat tour at night, through the jungle to spend a night at the Kosindo village where you will experience an authentic cultural evening with lots of singing and dancing. We recommend this tour highly to people who enjoy unspoiled nature and the Amazon forest and who would like to know more about the culture of the Saramaccaners.

Block 9 Palumeu : In the Amazon forest with the Indians

4 or 5 days in a lodge in an indianvillage. Transportation by small plane. All meals included.

This is an unforgettable journey into the very heart of Suriname, the perfect mixture of culture, calm, nature and adventure. You will stay at Palumeu: a ideal situated indian village along the "boven Tapahony " river, in the middle of the jungle. You will be taken there by small plane. We will take you on bush walks , you can swim in the river and you can climb a hill (option). This ia ideal for nature lovers. The tranquility and nature are overwhelming, the reception is hospitable. There is so much we can learn from the original inhabitants of Suriname !

Block 10 : Coesewijne canoetrip

2 days, included :canoes, meals, drinks

Dive into nature for 2 whole days: peddle during the day in a canoe, prepare your lunch alongside the river and sleep in a hammock surrounded by the sounds of the jungle ……..