Cycling tours 


Below, you will find descriptions of 3 different cycling tours : independent cycling tours, one-day trips and cycling trips that last more than one day. Naturally, there are many more options. Please ask about anything else, and we’ll find out whether it can be arranged.


1. Plantage Peperpot Cyclingtour (24 km)

We cross the Suriname River from Waterkant in Paramaribo, and sail to Meerzorg by tentboat or korjaal. There, the cycling tour starts. It includes sandy roads. The first part is a new road, which was built with the construction of the Wijdenbosch bridge. We will cycle towards the bridge, and we will turn into a sand road when we get to it, leading us to Peperpot plantation. On the way, we will pass mainly Javanese and Hindustani homes. On arriving at the plantation we can visit the old factory grounds. On the way back, we will cycle through residential areas again, on our way to lunch in Meerzorg. After lunch we’ll cycle to the boat for the journey back to Paramaribo. A cycling tour to Peperpot plantation is a great combination of history and nature, as well as a pleasant, hospitable meeting with Javanese and Hindustani residents.

Included: bike rental, guide, boat trip, lunch, entry and drinks.




2. Mountainbike tour : Katwijk plantage (60km)

 In Paramaribo, we will get straight on our mountain bikes and cycle North along the river, to Leonsberg. We will get onto a tentboat, and cross the river to ‘Rust en Werk’ plantation. This is where you can see how families live off fishing. We will also visit century-old graves on site. Afterwards, we will cycle along the COmmewijne River, past several plantations: Johanna Margaretha, Frederiksdorp, Marienbosch and Kroonenburg. We then cross the Commewijne River to Katwijk plantation, which is a fully functional coffee plantation. We will visit the coffee factory and coffee plants. At Katwijk, we will enjoy lunch. Keen swimmers can take a dive into the pool. At the end of the afternoon, we will cycle back to Paramaribo.

Includes: mountain bike rental, guide, meals en drinks



3. Independent 4-day cycling trip of Commewijne (100 km)

Commewijne has proven a great area for cycling in the past years. On this trip, we will pass old plantations, residential areas and farming fields. We will pay attention to the history and plantations. You will also get an idea of how different communities in this district live. A great trip for true cycling lovers!

Day 1

You will cycle through the North part of Paramaribo to Leonsberg. There, you and your bike will board a tentboat (with a canopy) across the Suriname River. Once you have crossed it, you will be in Nieuw Amsterdam, the Commewijne district capital. Here, you will visit the open air museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. You cycle to Marienburg plantation, where sugar and rum history cannot be missed. Take a look around the old and deserted sugar factory: it was once the pride of the nation. After, cross the

Commewijne River, and cycle to Frederiksdorp plantation, once a coffee plantation and police outpost. This plantation has been restored to its former glory. You will spend your first night here.

Day 2

After a delicious breakfast, you will set off from Frederiksdorp. You will continue along the dyke past the Commewijne River to Kroonenburg. There, a Korjaal will take you to Mon Tresor plantation. You will cycle to Tamaredjo, where a wonderful Javanese lunch will be waiting for you. From Tamaredjo, it is only a few kilometres to the next staying place: “De Plantage.”

Day 3

This is a day of rest at “De Plantage”. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your holiday home and pool. If you like, you can join us on a hike in the woods or bird spotting in the morning.

Day 4

From “De Plantage” you will cycle to the old coffee- and cocoa plantation Peperpot. This plantation has been declared a nature park and has a five-kilometre cycling and walking route right across it. The park is home to many species of birds and monkeys. You will also visit the old manager’s residence of Peperpot plantation, now fully restored. You will then continue to Meerzorg where you will cross the river by tentboat to Waterkant near Paramaribo.

Includes: bike rental, 3 nights’ accommodation, 3 breakfasts and a route description. Excludes: lunch, dinner and the cost of boats